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Industrial Belts by PIX Transmission: Redefining Standards

In industrial machinery, the use of belts is the simplest and most cost-effective method of achieving power transmission. The demands on a belt-driven transmission system are large, which has lead to several variations of the concept and idea of transmitting power through belts. There was a time when certain systems could not use belts--only gears and chains--improvements in belt-engineering have now allowed the use of bets in those systems as well.
Another advantage of using belt-driven transmissions is the fact that belt drives do not require axially aligned shafts to operate. Belt driven systems have always been highly efficient (90-98%), have a high tolerance for misalignment and are of relatively lower cost if the shafts are far apart.

Over the decades, various types of belt transmissions have been devised to suit various applications and to meet certain challenges.

Flat Belts:
Flatbelts saw widespread use in the 19th and early 20th centuries in line shafting to transmit power in factories. Countless other applications such as farming, mining, electrical generators, etc have made use of them. Flat belts are still in application today but not as much. This is primarily due to some slippage issues experienced in the course of their use. For most of the part, they have been replaced by Vbelts for industrial use.
V Belts:
Vbelts (also known as vee belts or style V-belts) were devised to address the issue of flat belts slipping on the pulley face. It is now the basic belt design used for power transmission, with most other modern designs being derived from it. The name comes from the trapezoidal shape of the general cross-section of the vee belt. The "V" shape of the belt catches on to a mating groove on the pulley, thus ensuring that slipping isn't possible. Also, the vee belt has a tendency to wedge into the groove as the load increases, thus improving torque transmission. Thus, the V-belt requires lesser width and tension than flatbelts.

PIX Transmissions Ltd is one of India's leading manufacturers of mechanical belts, including Vbelts, along with related mechanical transmission products. The company has ultra-modern production units in India, with subsidiary offices in the UK, UAE and Germany. PIC Transmission manufacturers an extensive range of top quality Industrial Belts, along with belts meant for automotive belts, agricultural belts and special applications.
Timing Belts:
These are also known as synchronousbelts and/ or toothed belts. They are positive transfer belts and can keep track of relative movement. There toothy notches on the belt running across it's width, which groove into a matching toothed pulley. When used at recommended tension levels, timingbelts have no slippage, can run at a constant speed and are often used to transfer direct motion for indexing or timing purposes. This makes them an excellent choice for camshafts of automobiles, miniature timing systems in industrial devices and stepper motors.

When it comes to quality, PIX Transmission maintains the highest of standards, ensuring the company stands true to its vision of being a "dominant, global player in the Mechanical Power Transmission Industry".

Apart from industrial belts of various types, PIX Transmissions manufactures an extensive range of top quality Industrial Belts, Automotive Belts, Agricultural Belts, Special Construction Belts, Horticultural Belts, Special Application Belts and Taper Lock Pulleys and Bushes to suit a wide range of applications.
The company has always led the way when it comes to innovation and R&D. PIX is positioned as a highly prolific manufacturer owing to the amalgamation of investments, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art facilities.


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