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V Pulley- Things To Know About Them

For transferring power between the two parallel axels V pulley is solely used. The notable variation between other types of pulleys and this pulley is the geometry of the grooves, which are situated around the circumference of the pulley. These groves achieve traction on a v belt. The V belt pulley provides a mechanical connection with a section that looks like an isolated trapezoid. The complementary pulley and v belt creates the most competent belt drive. These belts were built in the earlier days for torque transmission and belt reliability from the rotation to cracnkshaft assembly. These belts remain as a common type of winding belt today. Belt Transmission The transmission of the V pulley is a distinguished upgrade from the flat or round belt transmission. These belts provide a speed, load capacity and excellent traction, while enjoying a extended life with easy substitution. The transmission efficiency is increased by heavy loads since they wedge the belt further into the pulley groove, thus improving ...


Expansion Joint - Explaining The Installation Process

In order to allow the telescope movement of inner pipe, expansion joint is installed within a firmly mounted outer sleeve of pipe in order to accommodate the contraction ad expansion in the piping system. These are available in nominal piping sizes with maximum travel lengths. These joints are also used as repair coupling.Installation Procedure * One should not weld the mating flanges with the expansion joints. There can be possibility of heat damage or spark.* There should be proper support for the pipelines so that expansion joint should not carry pipe load. * In the upstream and downstream, the anchors are placed at both ends of thermally contracting and expanding pipe length. These joints will not function and fall down unless the full thrust anchors are provided in place.* One needs to check with the manufacturer that the pipe fitting can take the joints thrust, when the mechanical pipe fitting is installed in the joint line. If not, then anchoring for pipe is required on either side and two joints are i...


Gear Coupling - Know The Facts About This Coupling

The curved tooth gear coupling is the result of many years experience in the field of mechanical power transmission. The gear couplings are distinguished by the compensation of axial, angular and parallel misalignment of the connected shaft and their mechanical flexibility. These couplings are used extensively paper machinery, cranes, metal rolling mills , plastic and rubber industry compressors , fan blowers and many other industries. These gear couplings is manufactured with crowned external teeth, consists of two hubs and two outer sleeves with internal spur teeth. The outer sleeves and gear hubs are manufactured from carbon steel and hardened to the required degree. They are machined to fine tolerances for proper meshing of the gears as well as for inter- changeability. Gear Coupling Feature The gear coupling has hubs with multi crowned teeth at chamfering on teeth and flank teeth.Crowned Flank For making the tooth thickness greatest at the center of the tooth, the flanks of the teeth are crowned....


When To Replace Your Power Tool Bearings

When we talk about the most integral parts that go into a power tool, bearings are one of them. Rotational and linear movement of your power tool depends on the condition and quality of the bearings. Bearings help all the moving parts to function properly and without bearings your power tool is as good as a dead duck.WHY DO BEARINGS GO BAD?The most common reason is the usual wear and tear that happens with time and use. There is always a chance of human error and accidental adversities but generally usual wear is the culprit. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN BEARINGS HAVE GONE BAD?There is an easy way to detect the signs of a damaged bearing. For starters, your power tool may generate a lot of heat and it may become completely unresponsive producing a mere whimper every time you try to start it. Another symptom is that characteristic sound of a damaged bearing that can be classified as a "screech". If you are able to hear that "screech" you should know right away that there is something wrong with the bearing.That screec...


The Importance of Coating Bearings

Thin dense chromium and XADC coatings can provide absolute adhesion and corrosion protection equal to 440 series stainless steel. This allows the use of metals that are less expensive, easier to machine, more resistant to fatigue, and longer-lived. These coatings can successfully be applied to ball, roller and linear bearings, brining them to Abex 9 classification. Dimensional stability is maintained with engineered deposits from .000050/.0002".The nodular surface of the special coatings allows them to work against themselves, increasing wear and lubricity characteristics in roller and needle bearing applications and allowing them to be completely coated. The test indicates no negative effects on expected fatigue life. Bearing operating temperature may be reduced when the coatings are applied; the coatings work well on 52100, M-50 NIL, 440C, pH Stainless, 8620 and many other base materials. Surface hardness is increased to 78 Rc with the coatings and to 98 Rc with a special diamond coating.Introduced in 1996,...


Effective Power Transmission Systems: The Cornerstone Of The Manufacturing Process

Power transmission systems form the backbone of nearly every industrial process. Assembly lines are driven by mechanical propulsion systems and they are the most common method for mass production of products, from automobiles to consumer goods. Liquids are moved in chemical processes by pumps that make gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and plastics and specialty chemicals. In the home, compressors can be found in the back of every refrigerator to run the refrigeration cycle that keeps our food fresh and in the air conditioners that cool our homes. Commercial appliances, farm equipment, and business equipment all use power transmission systems to run businesses and make our lives easier.Power transmission systems break down into sub-systems, motors, drive systems, and bearings. In this article, we will examine each sub-system and analyze the choices and applications available for industry.Motors That Drive Industry Motors are ubiquitous in industry. Converting energy, be it electrical, steam, or compressed air, i...


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